Estate Planning

Florida is a retirement state, often people move to Florida and they have northern estate planning documents. The issue with this, is that many wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other estate planning documents drafted in northern states, unfortunately, do not comply with Florida laws. If you’re making the move to become a Florida resident, or if you’ve already become a Florida resident but haven’t updated your estate plan, then it’s very important to have your northern-drafted wills, trusts and other documents reviewed by a Florida estate planning attorney to ensure that your estate plan will work in Florida the way you expected it to work up north.

A large part of Wellbaum Law, P.A. is focusing on reviewing and drafting these estate planning documents. The attorney is aware that becoming a permanent resident of Florida may sometimes have hurdles. Our office is here to help overcome these hurdles and to help prevent any issues in the future.


Our office assists clients who need help with legal representation in Florida after their loved ones pass away. Our office has been practicing and helping clients with probate administration for over 24 years. We specialize in summary administration and formal administration. We also handle ancillary probate for non-Florida residents who die owning real property or other probate assets in Florida. Lori Wellbaum Emery understands how difficult it is when someone you love passes away and how hard handling some of the legal documentation can be. We understand the importance of being there for our clients and making sure the process is as easy and straightforward as possible.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate

Our office handles all real estate matters, from buying and selling to transferring title on mobile homes. We work with lenders and banks to make a closing go as smooth as possible. Most real estate transactions in Florida when working with a bank, must have title insurance. Our office is a title company, which means we provide our clients with insurance to protect the Buyer and its lenders from a defective title, liens, and any and all issues with title problems that the Seller may convey to the Buyer. Having an attorney handle a closing is beneficial for most, because the attorney is not only a title company but also is aware of the laws. Our office is an agent with Old Republic Title Insurance, Inc.

Business Law

Wellbaum Law, P.A. specializes in preparing and assisting individuals with setting up and forming corporations and limited liability companies. The attorney advises which kind of company would work best for their specific needs.